CarbonKerma is combining carbon capture and blockchain technology to help the world reach targets set by the Paris Climate Accord by 2050.

Converting Captured CO2 Into a Commodity-Backed Digital Asset

A carbon-emitting organization captures and stores a measurable and verifiable amount of CO2.

CarbonKerma tokens are minted and awarded based on the amount of CO2 permanently sequestered.

Businesses, consumers, and holders can buy or retire CarbonKerma as a carbon offset or store of value.

A Broken System. A New Approach.

To reach Paris Climate Accord targets, it is estimated 50 billion tonnes of CO2 will need to be captured and permanently stored by 2050.

Unfortunately, current approaches to carbon offsetting and emissions trading are plagued by poor measurability, lax standards for the issuance and trading of credits, lack of consumer participation, and a reliance on inefficient methods of CO2 reduction and removal.

CarbonKerma sets a new standard. We’ve created a new blockchain-based approach to carbon offsetting that can be easily measured, reliably verified, and scaled to meet the immense size of the challenge. This new approach combines proven technologies in a unique way to create an equitable and sustainable economic engine that will benefit businesses, global citizens, and the planet.


With CarbonKerma, capturing and sequestering one tonne of carbon leads to the minting of one CarbonKerma token. That means emitting organizations can buy and burn CarbonKerma tonne-for-tonne, without relying on complex, imprecise offset calculations tied to intermittent renewable energies and tree plantings.


CarbonKerma tokens are minted and awarded based on verified certificates of sink. The capturing and permanent storage of CO2 required to earn these certificates is recorded by sophisticated metering systems and regulated, monitored, and audited by international environmental organizations and global carbon capture experts.


Unlike traditional carbon offset programs, CarbonKerma’s digitization of CO2 facilitates the open participation of consumers and corporations alike. Hard-to-mitigate emitting industries that find government incentives inadequate will have a new source of revenue to cover capital expenses and rapidly scale the deployment of today’s highly effective carbon capture technologies.


Capturing Carbon. Unlocking Potential.

CarbonKerma and the KermaExchange are tackling climate change by creating an ecosystem that monetizes the removal of atmospheric CO2 and rewards global actors who engage in carbon capture.

Many cryptocurrencies get their value through energy consumption, adding enormous amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere as they are created.

CarbonKerma does the opposite, with its creation triggered by the verified reduction of carbon emissions. Through this innovative use of blockchain technology, CarbonKerma and the KermaExchange are empowering a diverse group of participants to help the world achieve carbon neutrality.

Carbon Emitters

Stationary source emitters like factories and power plants participate in the CarbonKerma network by verifiably capturing and sequestering carbon, for which they earn CarbonKerma tokens. This highly regulated process involves permitting at various stages of implementation, including the use of specially designed meters that measure and record each tonne of CO2 sequestered in underground geological formations.

Other businesses can offset their emissions by buying and “burning” CarbonKerma tokens on a tonne-for-tonne basis to meet their ESG objectives. These businesses can also streamline this process by accepting CarbonKerma as payment from customers who want to offset the carbon footprint of their purchases.


CarbonKerma offers a carbon-free, blockchain-based store of value for individuals or organizations looking for an opportunity to encourage the adoption of carbon capture and storage technology around the world. Demand will be supported by businesses and consumers looking to offset their corporate or personal carbon footprints.


At participating merchants, consumers will now be able to pay with CarbonKerma and immediately offset the carbon impact of the goods or services they are purchasing. The business receiving the payment can then retire the appropriate amount of CarbonKerma and sell or hold any excess.

With Blockchain Layer 1 and 2 interoperability, CarbonKerma will offer low fees and immediate settlement, making it a fast and cost-effective medium of exchange.

How It Works

A step-by-step guide to CarbonKerma and the KermaExchange

Step 1

Measurable and Verifiable Carbon Credits

Carbon is captured and stored under a regulated and standards based process before tonnage qualifies to be listed on our Exchange.

Step 2

Onboarding Capturers/Sinkers

For Capturers/Sinkers to be qualified to bring their tonnage onto KermaExchange, they have to submit their MRV(Monitor, Report and Verify) data under the Token Acquisition tab and state the tonnes have not been previously used for environmental attribution.

Step 3

Verification/Approval of Submission

Once the request is reviewed, verified and approved by CarbonKerma team, submitted Carbon Metric tons are converted to CarbonKerma tokens (CKT) on a per tonne basis and issued to the custody of the concerned capturer.

Step 4

Tokenization of carbon credits

Each CKT is equal to one sequestered carbon metric ton.

Step 5

LIST and SELL on KermaExchange

Capturers can list their CKTs on KermaExchange for any desired amount at their preferred price.

Step 6

Emitters Can Purchase Directly from KermaExchange

Emitters can simply purchase the amount of tonnage they desire to offset in CKTs on KermaExchange.

Step 7

Retiring CKT Generates an Offset Certificate

Holders can choose to retire any amount of tokens they hold to offset their emissions by simply retiring the equivalent CKTs and receiving an offset certificate under the Offset Carbon tab. This will permanently create a record and remove the tonnage from the Blockchain.


Step by Step Guide for Offsetting your Tokens

A simplified video of carbon offsetting process done on DigiKerma Platform.

An Ambitious Project Demands a Talented Team

The CarbonKerma team combines pioneers in the field of carbon capture and storage with experts in blockchain technology.

Along with the financial and technical knowledge required to launch and maintain a successful blockchain project, the CarbonKerma team has proven experience in the engineering, financing, development, and operation of commercial-scale carbon capture and storage facilities.

Irfan K. Ali

Founder | CEO

  • 38+ years in project development, real estate, and private equity development
  • Chairman of TharPak, LLC
  • Developing Chickahominy Power Project
Greg Solt

Greg Solt

Director of Technology

  • Founder of AriesGate Tech and Blocke
  • Has held technology roles at IBM, Verizon, Amperion, and Applied Innovation
  • MS in Global Business and Blockchain from The University of the Cumberlands

Jeremy Hogan

Legal Counsel

  • Specialization in early-stage digital asset projects
  • YouTube channel “Legal Briefs.” that covers the digital assets space

Michael Tabone

Director of Strategy

  • Senior Economist for CoinTelegraph Research
  • PhD Candidate with research focusing on DAOs
  • Strategic consultant for enterprise blockchain projects

Dan Bradley

Director of Sales

  • Senior Sales Executive for Verizon & ATT
  • Owned and operated successful businesses
  • Involved in Environmental Businesses for 5 years

Josh Chand

Director of Web3 Operations

  • 2 years experience on successful Ethereum based Web3 startup Teams
  • AS in Electronic Technology and BS in Mechanical Engineering from The Unites States Military Academy

Omar Ali


  • Managing Partner and Fund CFO for Astia
  • Executive Director for Stelvio Transport and Board Observer for Pallet
  • 25 years experience in private equity, venture capital and corporate development

Advisory Panel

Charles McConnell

  • Former Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Executive Director of the University of Houston’s Carbon Management and Energy of Carbon Management at Battelle Energy Sustainability Program

Munir Akram

  • Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations from 2002-2008
  • Pakistan’s former ambassador to Japan and the European Union

David Greeson

  • Consultant to the carbon capture and power generation industries
  • Developer of $1 billion Petra Nova carbon capture project near Houston, TX

Steve Winberg

  • Former Assistant Secretary of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Former Vice President for CONSOL Energy Research and Development

Michael Nasi

  • 28 years experience in environmental and energy law
  • Former chainman of the State Bar of Texas Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section

Robin Mills

  • CEO of Qamar Energy
  • Author of Capturing Carbon, the first comprehensive
    overview of CCS for non specialists
  • Featured in Foreign Policy, the Atlantic, CNN, and more

Michael Moore

  • Program director for USEA
  • 30 years of experience in carbon monetization projects and related asset development
  • Co Founder of the Energy Advance Center

Steve Carpenter

  • In Memory Of
  • Dr. Carpenter was an internationally recognized
    subject matter expert, expert witness, and transdisciplinary practitioner,
    focusing on the merging of the physical sciences with the social sciences.
  • Dr. Carpenter had 30+ years of experience in the energy industry
  • A key supporter of CCUS and essential in the formation of DigiKerma

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