An Ambitious Project Demands

A Talented Team.

Along with the financial and technical knowledge required to launch and maintain a successful blockchain project, the CarbonKerma team has proven experience in the engineering, financing, development, and operation of commercial-scale carbon capture and storage facilities.

Irfan Ali

Founder & CEO
Irfan is an entrepreneur with wide-ranging expertise gained through a history in international business spanning over 38 years. As founder of Balico, LLC he has led development & financing activities on over 5,000MW of private power projects in the United States over a 30-year period with a total valuation approaching $5B.

“We cannot simply switch off from fossil fuels to renewables. We still rely on coal, oil, and natural gas for 80% of our energy needs and developing countries rely heavily on fossil energy to power their industrialization. If we are to meet our Paris Accord goals, the wide scale deployment of CCUS, financed through a robust and trusted carbon offset market, is critical.”


The Team


Omar Ali

  • Managing Partner and Fund CFO for Astia
  • Executive Director for Stelvio Transport and Board Observer for Pallet
  • 25 years experience in private equity, venture capital and corporate development

Michael Tabone Ph.D.

Director of Strategy
  • Senior Economist for CoinTelegraph Research
  • PhD Candidate with research focusing on DAOs
  • Strategic consultant for enterprise blockchain projects

Dan Bradley

Director of Sales
  • Senior Sales Executive for Verizon & ATT
  • Owned and operated successful businesses
  • Involved in Environmental Businesses for 5 years

Jeremy Hogan

Legal Council
  • Specialization in early-stage digital asset projects
  • YouTube channel “Legal Briefs.” that covers the digital assets space

Greg Solt

Director of Technology
  • Founder of AriesGate Tech and Blocke
  • Has held technology roles at IBM, Verizon, Amperion, and Applied Innovation
  • MS in Global Business and Blockchain from The University of the Cumberlands

Muhammad Nabeel

Head of Blockchain Development
  • Entrepreneurial professional in economics, management, and blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain architect at Chaos Corp
  • Head of Product for Decentra Crew

Batool Tariq

Research & Development Manager
  • R&D specialist with a strong track record of innovation and problem-solving.
  • Proven track record of being instrumental in driving advancements in the IT industry.

Moazzam Ahmed

Head of Full-Stack Development
  • CTO, CBO and Full-Stack Engineer at Chaos Corp.
  • Over 10 years of experience in the software and emerging tech industry, skilled in various stacks and technologies, including Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence.
  • Associate Engineer in Electronics and BS in Computer Engineering.

Josh Chand

Director of Web3 Operations
  • 2 years experience on successful Ethereum based Web3 startup Teams
  • AS in Electronic Technology and BS in Mechanical Engineering from The Unites States Military Academy

Sophie Hendry

Senior UX Designer
  • UX/UI designer for blockchain-focused clients
  • 5+ years marketing & communications design
  • Entrepreneur

Paul de Havilland

Head of Marketing
  • Led multiple Web3 marketing campaigns raising millions in revenue & strong user growth
  • Consultant to Web3 sector companies
  • MA in Political Science

Our Advisors


Charles McConnell

  • Former Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Executive Director of the University of Houston’s Carbon Management and Energy of Carbon Management at Battelle Energy Sustainability Program

Munir Akram

  • Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations from 2002-2008
  • Pakistan’s former ambassador to Japan and the European Union

Steve Winberg

  • Former Assistant Secretary of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Former Vice President for CONSOL Energy Research and Development

Milton Catelin

  • Secretary General, International Gas Union
    Former CEO, World Coal Association
  • 30 years experience in government (national and UN), climate and environment policy

David Greeson

  • Consultant to the carbon capture and power generation industries
  • Developer of $1 billion Petra Nova carbon capture project near Houston, TX

Michael Nasi

  • 28 years experience in environmental and energy law
  • Former chainman of the State Bar of Texas Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section

Robin Mills

  • CEO of Qamar Energy
  • Author of Capturing Carbon, the first comprehensiveoverview of CCS for non specialists
  • Featured in Foreign Policy, the Atlantic, CNN, and more

Michael Moore

  • Program director for USEA
  • 30 years of experience in carbon monetization projects and related asset development
  • Co Founder of the Energy Advance Center

Michael Karmis Ph.D.

  • Stonie Barker Professor Emeritus of Mining Engineering and Director Emeritus of the Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research (VCCER), Virginia Tech.
  • Managing Partner of Michael Karmis, Ph.D., P.E., LLC.
  • Consultant on sustainable development of energy and mineral resources, carbon management, green credits assessment and verification

Steve Carpenter

In Memory of,
  • Dr. Carpenter was an internationally recognized
  • subject matter expert, expert witness, and transdisciplinary practitioner
  • focusing on the merging of the physical sciences with the social sciences.
  • Dr. Carpenter had 30+ years of experience in the energy industry
  • A key supporter of CCUS and essential in the formation of DigiKerma